Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are legal documents used by a person (the ‘donor’) to authorise another person (the ‘attorney’) to make legal and/or financial decisions on their behalf. The terms, duration and extent of the powers depend on what the document entails.


If the document does not stipulate a certain date on which the authority will cease, then it remains in force until the donor either chooses to withdraw it, resigns, becomes incapacitated or deceases.


There are indeed different types of Powers of Attorney to deal with different aspects of a person’s affairs. A Power of Attorney can be used for medical, financial or guardianship purposes.


For a power of attorney to be considered a valid document it must be executed correctly by an adult person who is able to understand the nature of the document and the powers contained therein.


Powers of Attorney are useful documents to have in place. For further information please contact our office.

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