Our Values

  • Develop a solid understanding of the client’s business whilst exercising empathy, confidentiality and unfettered commitment to the client’s best interests.


  • Exercise foresight and diligence to provide innovative solutions that achieve optimal results whilst balancing the relevant financial considerations.


  • Vigorously explore alternative dispute resolution mechanisms so as to minimise the costs (both financial and non-financial) associated with litigation.


  • Espouse unwavering commitment to the administration of justice whilst fearlessly advocating the client’s rights.


  • Support community initiatives, both locally and worldwide, to bring effect to positive change, egalitarianism and the rule of law.

In short, exceed client and community expectations and set the benchmark for quality legal services.

Our Firm

The term “Amicus” comes from the Latin legal phrase “Amicus Curiae” which literally interprets to “friend of the Court“. It’s commonly used to describe a lawyer who, with the permission of the Court, voluntarily intervenes in proceedings to prevent an injustice or to advance legal arguments on behalf of an unrepresented party.


The decision to name our firm Amicus Lawyers was done with the spirit of “Amicus Curiae” in mind. We are committed to the protection of your rights, the administration of justice and the provision of quality legal services.


Amicus Lawyers regularly engages in various “pro bono” projects. Pro Bono in Latin literally means “for the public good” and relates to legal services conducted for free or at a discounted rate. We are committed to assisting the administration of justice through providing legal advice and support to various community organisations and individuals who are less fortunate. For more information about our pro bono work as well as where you can go to for help, please contact our office during business hours.


Our Areas of Practice

Commercial Law

Commercial & Retail Leases, Purchase & Sale of Business, Debt Recovery ...

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Family Law

Children in Family Law Disputes, Recovery Orders, Property Issues, Divorce ...

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Wills & Estates

Eligibility, Time Limitations, Estate Administration, Factors, Mediation ...

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