The High Court of Australia



The High Court of Australia ( is the highest judicial body in the country. It is the highest court of appeal and “end of the line” in terms of judicial determination of disputes. Headed by the Chief Justice, the Court is made up of a total of seven Justices who provide interpretation of laws and decisions in cases of extraordinary federal importance. These include challenges to the constitutionality of state and federal Acts of Parliament, as well as hearing appeals from all state, territory and federal courts. There is no automatic right of appeal to the High Court. The Court has the jurisdiction to regulate the cases it decided to determine and aggrieve.



The High Court was set up in 1901 as per the provision of the Constitution of Australia. The opening sitting of the High Court took place in the Banco Court of the Supreme Court in Melbourne on 6 October 1903. The Court has registries outside of Canberra, however the majority of the Court sittings are held in the national capital. Applications for special leave are heard one day every month in Melbourne and Sydney and on occasions by video link with other capital cities. You can visit the High Court website to get updates for the next sitting dates in Melbourne.